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 Trust Update-3/9/2017

Trust Update-11/18/2016

 Trust Update-9/28/2016

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DII Asbestos Trust  


Seventh Amended TDP

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Electronic Filing   

      Electronic Filer Agreement-Law Firm Only-Updated 1/1/2014 

      ACH Agreement-Updated 2/26/2016

      Trust Online Manual - Updated 6/25/2012


Claim Filing    

      Claim Form - New 2011 Claim Form effective 9/26/11  

        Indirect Proof of Claim Form 

        Affidavit Guidelines

      Exhibit “A” Site List and Codes (Excel)

      Exhibit “A” Site List and Codes (PDF)

      Summary of Site List Changes(Excel)-September 28,2016

      Summary of Site List Changes (Excel)-January 12, 2017

      Summary of Site List Changes(Excel)-April 13,2017

      Summary of List Changes(Excel)-July 15, 2017

      Exhibit “B” Occupation List and Codes (PDF)

      Exhibit "B" Occupation List and Codes (Excel)     

      Exhibit “C” Industry List and Codes

      Exhibit “D” Entity List and Codes

      SOL Definition

      SOE Ratings - Updated 12/19/11

     Unacceptable Doctors and Facilities

      Affidavit of Personal Representative  

      PFT Certification - Lab

      PFT Certification - MD


Alternative Dispute Resolution


      ADR Procedures

      Summary of ADR Procedures

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