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This website has been designed to provide information about the DII Industries, LLC Asbestos PI Trust (the "Trust") that will aid claimants and others in understanding the purpose of the Trust, how the claim filing process works, and how the Trust resolves claims. 

About the Trust details the history of the Trust, identifies the Trustees, staff and other representatives, and is the primary repository for all of the Trust's documents with links at various appropriate locations throughout the site.  The Glossary of Terms is located in this section and linked to other appropriate references that will be helpful throughout the site.


About Trust Online provides information on how to register for electronic claim filing capability and offers useful information and a training manual for Trust Online.


Filing A Claim sets out the evidence necessary to substantiate a claim, as well as claim filing options and how to prepare and submit a claim.  Information about how claims are processed and resolved, as well as procedures to address deficiencies are also presented in this section.


The FAQ section identifies and answers frequently asked questions.


ADR describes the Alternative Dispute Resolution process and provides links to the forms needed to pursue this method of resolving disputes.


Contact Us provides contact information for Trust operations.